For Contributors

Guidelines for Contributors

Studies in African Linguistics publishes articles, either descriptive or theoretical, in which the primary data come from African languages.

Submitting an article to SAL means that it is not under active consideration with another journal. The submitted manuscript must be available for peer review without restriction. If any version of the paper has appeared, or will appear, in any other publication, the details of such publication must be made known to the Editor at the time of submission.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically as both a PDF and a Word file. If electronic submission is not a viable option, manuscripts may be typed and submitted in duplicate to the editor. Electronic submissions should be emailed to sal@lin.ufl.edu, and printed manuscripts to Editor, Studies in African Linguistics, Portland State University, Applied Linguistics (LING), Portland, OR 97207-0751 (USA).

The title of the article without the author’s name should appear on the first page, and other identifying information should be minimized. All electronic identifying marks should also be removed. Include an abstract of 150-200 words summarizing the article as a part of the manuscript at the beginning, and also as a separate document with no identifying information. Submit as another separate document identifying information including the names of all authors, affiliations, and contact information. If the manuscript is divided into sections, use numbering following the model below, up to two levels of heading:

1.     (Major heading)


1.1. (Sub-heading). (text)

1.2. (Sub-heading). (text)

2.      (Major heading)


Please number pages in the upper right-hand corner. Authors must use a Unicode-compliant font, several of which are available for no cost at the following website http://sil.org>. Recent versions of Word contain a Unicode-complaint Times New Roman font.

List all and only those references explicitly cited in the article. For each reference include (a) the full name of author(s); (b) the date of publication; (c) for books, place of publication and name of publisher; (d) for articles, volume number for journals and page numbers for both journals articles and papers in collections. When citing references in the text, give only the last name of the author(s) followed by the date of publication in parentheses, e.g. Welmers (1968). Do not use footnotes for simple citation of references. Please regard earlier issues for examples (available online at the SAL website http://sal.research.pdx.edu).